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Everything you always wanted to know about (Colorado) stroopwafels but were afraid to ask?
Like what is up with the 'wafel' versus 'waffle' thing? Do you ship to other states? Do Dutch people really live in windmills?
Right here, and if not, just shoot us a note - we're happy to answer!

What are your shipping costs and delivery times?
We offer free shipping on orders over $22.50. Alternatively, our system calculates real time cost based on weight, size and the carrier and priority you select. So, there are some variables there, but most times it will either be free, or a couple of dollars. You can view the actual shipping cost for your order in check-out, before you pay.
How does pickup work?
You can pickup your order several ways, and at different locations. During market season you can choose the market you want to pickup your order from at checkout. Please put in your order at least 24 hours in advance, as we bake fresh stroopwaffles each morning. You can safely order a couple of days in advance, you will always get freshly baked stroopwafels. We will also send you a reminder e-mail with your pickup details. On the pickup day, just walk up, give your name or order number, and we give you your delicious stroopwafels!

If you are in the Parker area, you can also pickup your order at The Local in Parker.
Do you have regular stores?
Colorado Stroopwafels are available in select local stores all year round, on farmers markets during season, and 24/7 on this website.
During holiday season (ie. Christmas) we can offer local pickup (select days) from our kitchen location in Denver. The website will display this at that time.
Where are your stroopwaffles made?
All stroopwafels are hand made in our commercial kitchen in Denver. We also bake live on certain markets with dough and caramel brought from our kitchen. Please note our commercial kitchen is not a retail location.
What is in your stroopwafels?
So glad you asked! We take a lot of pride in our stroopwaffles being made from honest, pure ingredients. No additives, no preservatives, no food coloring, no HFS or corn syrup. You can find the full ingredient list in the product details on this website, and on each pack of stroopwafels. We also use local ingredients where possible. (you unfortunately cannot find local vanilla bean farmers in this state)
How long will your stroopwafels stay fresh?
Since we do not use any nasty preservatives or additives to extend shelf life our stroopwafels will age faster than your typical store bought ones. But they'll easily stay fresh for two weeks, if you can control yourself that long. And if you are really stacking up you can easily freeze them. We do suggest you transfer them into a freezer appropriate container in that case.
Do you cater stroopwafels or make them live at my party?
We can cater stroopwafels (including making them live in certain scenarios). Please contact us to discuss what your needs are and we're happy to see if we can meet them.
Do you offer special custom stroopwafels? (Weddings, anniveraries etc)
Yes we do! We can create & package fresh stroopwafels in a customized manner for your event. Contact us for more details information.
I am not happy for [insert reason], what do I do?
Please contact us immediately, because we certainly prefer happy customers! Stuff happens sometimes, but we'll do our best to make it right.
What is up with the 'wafel' versus 'waffle' thing?
Ha! We knew you were curious about that one. Wafel is Dutch for wafer. Waffle is what Americans tend to say. Waffel (note the spelling there) is actually slang for 'big mouth' in Dutch - like 'Hou je waffel!' means 'Shut your big mouth!'

We don't judge, so feel free to use wafel and waffle interchangeably.
Do Dutch people really live in windmills?
We knew you were wondering about that!

Not all of us, but some, for sure. Many windmills have been converted to pretty cool homes after industrial milling took over.
I have another question not listed here.
Just contact us and we're happy to answer best we can!