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Handbaked Goodness

Yolande, owner Colorado Stroopwafels LLC

"Tasting a real Dutch stroopwafel should be an experience you remember. A deep rich caramel layer, caught between a freshly baked wafer cookie, fusing the perfect balance between crunch and chewiness. Hand-baked, with pure and honest ingredients, local where possible. Now THAT is the stroopwafel I want you to taste."

About Yolande

From The Netherlands to Colorado

Yolande studied in the famous city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After her graduation she steadily built up a successful career in sales, primarily in the storable and renewable energy sector.

Early 2018 Yolande moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. The change of scenery made her realize it was time for something different.

Being abroad for a longer period of time will absolutely make you miss the most random comfort foods from your home country. Ask any foreigner, it is a thing.

Queue one world pandemic, which somehow introduced a craving for the nostalgic true taste of stroopwafels. The real ones, freshly baked, with proper ingredients. They don't exist here, so you'll need to make them yourself.

Let that simmer on a low temp, add at least two cups of entrepreneurial mindset and stir gently. Sprinkle generously with a passion to show people what real stroopwaffles are all about.

Colorado Stroopwafels was born, and the rest as they say, is history.

Yolande's Mission

There is no substitute

Like tulips and windmills, stroopwafels are a typically Dutch thing. But America has been tricked into believing what you buy at the grocery store, get on your airline or with your favorite drive-thru latte, is in fact a 'stroop waffle'. It is not.

Colorado Stroopwafels is bringing back the authentic honest stroop waffle. That means no preservatives, no additives, no dubious ingredients. It is a pure and premium product, it is quality that speaks for itself.

I simply want people to experience what real stroopwaffles taste like, and how superior they truly are!


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